It begins with a thought...

Then we transform it into your dream!


Let us create what is uniquely yours and yours alone! 


At ExPaw events we will listen to your ideas and find the most effective way to make them into reality. No idea is too small or too big for our designers. We enjoy a challenge! Our team of design specialists will be happy to develop a plan that fits into your budget.  Just ask us we are here for you!



Our Mission:


Expaw is a philanthropic driven educational, multi-purpose entertainment and event platform dedicated to building foundations to improve the living standards of "all" Oklahoman's!


We believe that it is very important to make a difference in our community.

We are passionate about helping build a strong economy for Oklahoma's future, and tourism is needed to assure that growth. We have reached out to local vendors and built strong alliances with them, ensuring the growth of our state. We also are in development of a venue and an annual international festival to be held throughout the state of Oklahoma. We have developed Americas "Old West" Tours to provide historic tours from major cities across America to Tulsa. This will draw International tourism creating jobs, and providing the economic stimulas needed for all Oklahoman's. All of this will assist in perserving our historical landmarks so that future generations can enjoy them; and through our production company we are ensuring the important history of this time period will be document and preserved! Expaw is actively working with the towns across Oklahoma and Indian Territory (a five state region), along with all the states the tours travel through to secure a stronger future for all.  If you feel we can make a difference in your community, feel free to call us anytime.


Call us with your ideas today: 918-935-7099