Experience America's West Introduces:

The Double "E" Trail Facilities a 300 acre project!

The Ultimate Old West Experience!  



Our Expaw founder felt a strong desire to make a difference in the state where she raised her children and has grown to love, so she moved back to the Sooner State. With her extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, along with watching the cycles of tourism in Arizona over 15 years, she found a niche that was perfect to develop in Oklahoma. Knowing what the European and Far Eastern tourists are looking for to intreast them in staying and playing the duration of their visa's.

We are in the process of purchasing a venue between Claremore and Vinita Oklahoma off of Route 66/Interstate 44 area.

Expaw  is developing an attraction-venue which will become the home of the"Double "E" Trail", a 300 plus acre project that will include a 13,000 sq. ft. facility which will include, 4 Venues (9,000 sq. ft total) Venue (1) will be 4,500 sq. ft. perfect for large weddings and conferences, venue 2 is  2,500 sq. ft. for our Dinner Theater and events of all kinds, venue (3)1,000 sq. ft. will have a library atmosphere with fireplace, venue (4) is 1,000 sq. ft. it will be a casual bar atmosphere, a 2,500 sq.ft. kitchen will be the home of The Experience...culinary art at its finest! a Regional catering division, it will also include a specialty gift shop. The facility will provide from black tie weddings-to all aspects of events and conferences. It's exterior will be designed to look like a Well's Fargo stage coach stop during the 1880's with several more building fronts to enhance the atmosphere of old west. The Double"E" trail will also be home to Pretty Boy's SpeakEasy just follow the alley and knock on the door, Oklahoma Mercantile will specialize in Oklahoma made gifts and products, just  down the street there will be a jail to house outlaws, a livery stable, and a "Hang-um-High" Gallows. This area will be the home of  the Double "E"s own "Stick Pin Society"! to add to the adventure you can experience our several nature trail hikes each one has it's own theme!


Down the trail you will find a state of the art Rodeo Complex that will include a resturant-snack bar, executive  suites, a commentary-announcing booth, Covered box seating with it's own wait staff for food and drink, covered stadium seating and overnight RV Parking.  At the end of another trail you will discover Spur Creek Township, a functioning frontier township with residential houses and 42 main street shops that feature 1880-1930s era custom made products.You will experience first hand what it was like to live in this historical time in American History. For the children the "Exploration-Adventure" Center where they will learn all about nature and how it works, state of the art  facility with Highly trained teachers and guides. A very "safe place" and highly secured area that children can play and learn while parents explore the town on their own adventure.


The Double "E" Trail will be promoted nationally and Internationally to draw tourism.


Expaw introduces: Americas Ole' West Tours

While getting to know  Tulsa leaders our founder got inspired to develop"Luxury Motor Coach Tours" to help draw International travelers. Expaw created "Americas Ole' West Tours". Pamela's background in travel gave her the thought: “Why not do tours like the European model?” That is, tours that start in a major city and board a guided luxury tour bus to experience the area. The tours are now being researched and designed to fit the desires of the international visitor who wants a first-hand experience of our vibrant western heritage and include shopping in the towns visited. Example: they will start in a major city, such as Denver, and travel through all the historical sites en- route including Dodge City, and Cow Town Kansas,  to Ponca City and Pawnee Oklahoma ending in Tulsa Oklahoma area. Additional tours will be available as add ons so the tourists can visit and experience the rich heritage of this country. Daily tours are also being developed to give a similar experience to local tourists as well.


After meeting with several Tulsa Leaders including Karen Keith County Commissioner of Tulsa, Expaw has partnered with: 

Director Tad Jones of the Will Rogers Memorial

Director Deana Mc Cloud of the Woody Guthrie Center

Director Wayne Mc Combs of the JM Davis Gun Collection

Director Ruby Quinn of the Robson Center for Prefomring Arts in Claremore Oklahoma


All are working together to enrich this vision.  More continue to join, offering their historical venues and expertise. Expaw feels the whole of Indian Territory is a vital part of America's historical treasures.  All parties who were part of Indian Territory are invited to take part in the research and development of the vision. Expaw feels it is important to educate and preserve the vibrant history of the 1880's-1930's America. This era lead us to be able to live a free life today.


From this vision, Expaw's founder is living out her dream and developing a foundation to oversee that 10% of Expaw's profit will go to local charities. She is also overseeing the founding of the first 100-bed girls ranch  in Oklahoma.

Topazose Girls Ranch will provide a safe haven.  From arrival through college the girls will have the opportunity to learn from their private schooling. All aspects of arts-athletics and career building will be provided to ensure they grow into strong leaders of the future.


Outreach for the elderly and abused animals will also be part of the young ladies' education.


Expaw feels outreach to all children is critical to assure a strong future for all of us.  Topazose iwill be the 1st of these ranches with a focus on young people across America.