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Wet Willie's Saloon & the Mystery of the Stolen Strong Box

Wet Willies Saloon gets all sorts of wild guests, and tonight is no different. Tonight it's the infamous Frank and Jesse James along with Belle Starr, fresh off their latest train robbery. But the night takes a nasty turn as the strong box with all their loot goes missing. Could Frank or Jesse or Belle have turned against each other? Or could it be another guest of the Wet Willies Saloon? Mystery solver Bat Mason leads an interactive quest to find the culprit.

The Mystery of the Starfire Necklace

A floating steamboat casino. An elite group of elegant guests. The valuable "Starfire Necklace." It all makes a too-tempting target for a gang of river rat pirates as they sneak on board and try to steal from the passengers. But when the Starfire Necklace goes missing, everyone on board becomes a suspect -- even the captain! Board the Mississippi Queen and help the guests discover the true culprit. 

The Haunting of Alfred

A typical Saturday night of drinking and gambling goes horribly wrong when an argument over a huge pot of cash turns into a shootout. As the dust clears, local oil man Alfred is dead. As the sheriff investigates the mystery, strange things begin happening to the townsfolk. It looks like the ghost of Alfred isn't done playing!

The Haunting of the Ghost Crushers

The typical ghost story gets cranked up several notches when a seance goes out of control. Soon the entire town is being spooked by long-dead outlaws from the James gang, the Dalton gang and the Youngers. Only one team can save the town -- the Old West Ghost Crushers! Join the hilarious team as they lead the audience in an interactive chase that gets rid of the ghosts.

Outlaws and Cowboys

The annual Outlaws and Cowboys event -- a time when the powerful Frank Phillips convinced the local  lawmen to give amnesty for one week only to the area's most notorious outlaws. The result was Oklahoma's wildest party with massive barbecues, high-stakes gambling and dancing girls galore! But this year, a Texas marshall decides to advance his career by heading up north and collecting a few criminals. As the outlaw guests disappear, the rest of the gangs try to figure out who's breaking up the party.

A Cowboy Christmas Carol

It's an Old West twist on a classic Christmas tale. Frank James is visited by three mysterious ghosts of his outlaw past who teach him how to enjoy Christmas and appreciate life as a former outlaw. The ghosts are creepy, but the story is familiar in a show that spreads holiday joy to everyone

The Wrath of the Leprechaun

A family of hillbillies move out to California and live a life of luxury. Sound like a TV show you know? Not quite! In this version, the Gunn family find their fortune in 1980s San Francisco after taking a pot of gold from a wee little leprechaun. While the Gunns are living a wealthy 1980s "Dynasty" lifestyle, the leprechaun is plotting his revenge and figuring out how to get his gold before they spend it all.  



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 All of our  original "Who Dunn It" improvisation comedy mysteries and 1880's Casino night parties are very interactive with the guests.


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